Mat 7:14 Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.

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This Website will most likely stand alone in the concepts taught. Everything shared is mostly presented how it has been revealed during many exhaustive hours of studying.

The concepts are those that are unique in that they do not follow the status quo. These teachings are not offered for the purpose of debate or argument, only to provide another view…

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  • There is something indescribable about being alone immersed in His Word. It's not something you could share with anyone else because it is intimate and personal when He speaks to you through His Word. You can watch all the teachings you want on TV, or PCs and it is not the same. When we open His Word, we enter in to His chamber.
  • here's a good link to something we all need to know!!
  • I posted two works on the Silence in Heaven topic and it led me to His NAME. Did you know that His name is incomplete right now?? It takes the union of the Bride (yoo-ah) to be reunited with her Bridegroom (EH-YEH) to complete Him to become ONE FLESH, ECHAD.
  • Listening to Shepherd's Chapel on Satellite TV. Two brothers, Arnold and Dennis Murray. They are really good, but along the way in some things they appear to still be unaware. Then, I found their website and read their Statement of Faith and found out why. They state that one day out of 7 is a Sabbath. IOWs, they do not declare God's Sabbath as the actual 7th day that we know of as Saturday, this day being the 7th day ever since Creation, remaining STEADFAST, UNBROKEN and CANNOT BE TOUCHED by the enemy. The enemy can change times, seasons and even decrees, but he cannot touch Sabbath BECAUSE ------- YHWH SANCTIFIED it!
    Of Abba Father, how I pray that Your Children's eyes will be opened, their ears unstopped, their hearts given over to understanding and wisdom.
  • There are several stages (seals?) that we must go through to become "CLEAN". Receiving Jesus Christ (EHYEHshua) and His atoning Blood is the first step.
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